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SCBC - 2012

Shari'ah Compliant Business Campaign - for year 2012 - Mufti Saheb discusses ten contemporary business issues including Drop

Q&A on CII

Various questions that Mufti Ismail Saheb answers on CII are listed here.

Al-Tajir - on RII

Al-Tajir Business & Finance programme presented every Tuesdays by Mufti Ismail Desai

Tribute to Mufti Desai

series of lectures paying tribute to Hadhrat Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb


Sharia'h Compliant Business Campaign is a weekly programme on CII presented every Tuesday at 09:00 by Mufti Ismail Desai

Jumu'ah Bayaans SCBC

Jumu'ah Bayaans delivered at the different Masaajid sensitizing the Ummah on the need for Shari'ah compliance in businesses

Legacy of Mufti Ebrahim Desai in Islamic Commerce and Finance

Listen to Audio podcast of a Radio Islam programme