SCBC - 2012

SCBC - 2012

Shari'ah Compliant Business Campaign - for year 2012 - Mufti Saheb discusses ten contemporary business issues including Drop

SCBC 2012 - Introduction

Introduction to the Topic by Mufti Ebrahim Desai RA

Shari'ah Issues in Family businesses

Mufti Saheb discusses shari'ah issues that arise in most family run businesses.

Training children in financial issues

Mufti Saheb discusses need for training children in business financial transactions.

General Shari'ah pitfalls in businesses

Mufti Saheb discusses common Shari'ah pitfalls in businesses - mediation, arbitration, etc.

Mufti Saheb discusses most issues that businesses face regarding partnerships.

Mufti Saheb discusses most issues that businesses face regarding partnerships.

Common Shari'ah pitfalls in businesses - deposits

Mufti Saheb continues discussion on shari'ah pitfalls in businesses - deposits, rentals, etc.

Investment schemes

Mufti Saheb discusses issues to do with Investment schemes, also discusses Al-Mabroor investments scheme

Internet transactions and dropshipping

Mufti Saheb discusses most issues to do with dropshipping, internet transactions and selling items not in your possession

Financial issues between husband and wife

Mufti Saheb discusses common issues that arise when dealing is between wife and husband

Forward Exchange contracts

Mufti Saheb discusses forward exchange contracts - concluding a sell now for the future

Assisting in empowerment and competition in markets

Mufti Saheb discusses competition and assisting each other in markets

Plight of Muazzins and empowerment

Mufti Saheb discussions dire situation of Muazzins and workers under us,

Legacy of Mufti Ebrahim Desai in Islamic Commerce and Finance

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