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Validus Training Academy based in Dubai: Shariah Compliant?

I’m reaching out today with regard to a financial programme that has been shared around by many people here in New Zealand. There have been a few workshops and it has been advertised in a way to buy your first house without paying Riba. The manner in which i…

14 Oct 2022 Read More

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Shariah Cryptocurrency?

Fiat Currency is considered to be a valid medium of exchange in Islam and is not viewed as a store of value such as phy…

21 Sep 2021 Read More

Want to Fund Your Business the Islamic Way?

There are various Shariah mechanisms used for Islamic business and commercial finance: Musharaka, which means 'partners…

19 Aug 2021 Read More

What is a Shariah Compliant Investment?

A mere Shariah certificate is not sufficient proof or attestation to the credibility of Management or the business case…

18 Aug 2021 Read More
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